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Authors by Last Name Number of Titles
VILD, Gina 1 title
Vachss, Andrew 25 titles
Vachss, Andrew H. 16 titles
Vaden, Rory 1 title
Vail, Rachel 5 titles
Vaillant, John 2 titles
Vaitheeswaran, Vijay 1 title
Valdes, Zoe 2 titles
Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa 7 titles
Valdez, Luis 1 title
Vale, Lani Lynn 4 titles
Valencia, Andrew 1 title
Valente, Catherynne M. 8 titles
Valente, Catherynne 1 title
Valenti, Jessica 2 titles
Valenti, F. Miguel 1 title
Valenti, Jack 1 title
Valenti, John 1 title
Valentine, Katherine 5 titles
Valentine, Jenny 2 titles
Valentine, Sienna 2 titles
Valentine, Michelle A. 8 titles
Valentine, Carla 1 title
Valentine, Douglas 1 title
Valera, Juan 1 title
Valeria, Andrea 1 title
Valerio, Mirna 1 title
Valeur, Erik 2 titles
Valladares, Armando 1 title
Vallere, Diane 1 title
Vallon, Marc 1 title
Vallotton, Kris 1 title
Valqui, Kelly 1 title
Van Aalst, Mariska 1 title
Van Alkemade, Kim 1 title
Van Allen, Lisa 1 title
Van Allsburg, Chris 1 title
Van Aperen, Steve 1 title
Van Beek, Flory A. 1 title
Van Cleve, Kathleen 1 title
Van Den Muyzenberg, Lauren 1 title
Van Diepen, Allison 2 titles
Van Doren, Carl 1 title
Van Doren, Charles 1 title
Van Doren Stern, Philip 1 title
Van Draanen, Wendelin 16 titles
Van Dusen, Bob 3 titles
Van Dusen, Chris 1 title
Van Dyk, Jere 1 title
Van Dyke, Dick 1 title
Van Dyken, Rachel 13 titles
Van Edwards, Vanessa 1 title
Van Essen, Thomas 1 title
Van Evra, Jennifer 1 title
Van Fleet, James K. 1 title
Van Gieson, Judith 2 titles
Van Gogh, Vincent 1 title
Van Kirk, Susan M.Ed. 2 titles
Van Kirk, Susan 1 title
Van Loon, Hendrik Willem 1 title