Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art

Version: Abridged
Author: Gene Wilder
Narrator: Gene Wilder
Genres: Biography & Memoir
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published In: March 2005
# of Units: 6 CDs
Length: 7 hours
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Told in his own words, a very personal story from the star of many beloved and classic comedies, including "Young Frankenstein, "The Producers, and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Gene Wilder is one of the great comic actors who defined the 1970s and 1980s in movies. From his work with Woody Allen, to the rich group of movies he made with Mel Brooks, to his partnership on screen with Richard Pryor, Wilder's performances are still discussed and celebrated today. KISS ME LIKE A STRANGER is an intimate glimpse of the man behind the image on the screen. In this book, Wilder talks about everything from his experiences in psychoanalysis to why he got into comedy--his first goal was to be a Shakespearean actor--to how a midwestern childhood with a sick mother changed him. He writes about the creative process on stage and on screen, and divulges moments from life on the sets of some of the most iconic movies of our time. He also opens up about his search for love and his marriages, including his marriage to comedienne Gilda Radner. But the core of KISS ME LIKE A STRANGER is an actor's search for truth and a thoughtful analysis of why the choices he made--some of them so serendipitous they were practically accidental--changed the course of his life.

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Response to "Kiss Me Like A Stranger"

Written by Anonymous on October 9th, 2007

  • Book Rating: 5/5

I have always been a fan of Mr. Wilder and began listening with a little bit of fear in my heart. I have always thought he must be a humble, kind and gentle man, and was slightly afraid that this book would dispell this belief. I was not disappointed in what I heard. If I was disappointed in any aspect of the audio book, it was that this version was abridged, and now I must purchase the book for myself. I gained so much joy from hearing in his own voice, from his own words, his story. Telling his story himself made this a personal experience for the reader. He told about his growth as a person, a father, a husband, and his career in a simple easy style that expressed his thankfullness for those gifts that come to those that live by heart.

Worth The Time To Listen

Written by Lori Oberlander from East Peoria, IL on September 7th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 5/5

It was great to hear in his own voice Gene Wilder's honest and interesting account of his life. He could've withheld some of the more difficult situations of his life. Telling the stories of his boyhood which (despite how much someone might want to ignore it) does include prejudice and sex as well as love, heartache, fear and joy. It happened, it happened to him and I truly respect and appreciate him putting himself out there for us to get to know. It would be a shame if this book was passed up because of someone else's inability to turn down their high collar. Jerry Silverman showed us how he became the human person we all know to be Gene Wilder. Thank you very much Mr. Wilder.

Kiss Me Like A Stranger

Written by Joellyn Kopecky from Warnerville, NY on June 2nd, 2005

  • Book Rating: 1/5

Couldn't get past the first chapters. If I want this kind of prurient sexual tell-all, replete with difficulties with his ethnic background, I'll go for Portnoy's Complaint... I like Gene Wilder's acting immensely, and was really interested to know more about him and his acting career. This book is NOT the place to find it. Don't bother.

Author Details

Author Details

Wilder, Gene

Gene Wilder has been acting since he was thirteen and writing for the screen since the early 1970s. His first book, about his own life, was "Kiss Me Like A Stranger," His first novel, set in France in World War I, is "My French Whore," He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Karen.