Version: Abridged
Author: Danielle Steel
Narrator: Boyd Gaines
Genres: Romance, Fiction & Literature
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published In: July 2004
# of Units: 3 CDs
Length: 2 hours
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With Vanished, her thirty-first best-selling novel, Danielle Steel brings to life the story of a man and woman faced with an almost unthinkable tragedy - the mysterious abduction of their young son. In the late 1930s, in the shadow of the Lindbergh kidnapping, and as war looms in Europe, Marielle Patterson shares her life with her husband, Malcolm, and their little boy, Teddy, in an elegant brownstone on New York's Upper East Side. But their lives are filled with secrets. Haunted by a past she has kept hidden even from her husband, Marielle secretly lights a candle each year for a child who died in a tragic accident when he was scarcely more than a baby. Consumed with guilt, Marielle is nevertheless a devoted wife and mother. Malcolm, stern and successful, is a man everyone admires. On the eve of little Teddy's disappearance, Marielle runs into her first love, American expatriate Charles Delauney. The ache of memory is instantly revived, their brief moments together bittersweet and explosive. And when Teddy is kidnapped, Charles is first blamed, then arrested. Suspicions and accusations mingle with terror and heartbreak as the Pattersons, the New York police, and the FBI turn the city and eventually the country, upside down, looking for Teddy. The inevitable parallels with the Lindberghs are drawn, and the fear that Teddy has been killed can't be ignored. Every threat, every failure, every terror, is remembered, examined, explored. Even Marielle is scrutinized by the FBI, and special agent John Taylor. The questions are inevitable: Who kidnapped Teddy Patterson? Did Charles Delauney? Someone else? Did Marielle conspire with them? Is the child dead or alive? Does Malcolm, the boy'sfather, have secrets of his own? John Taylor becomes obsessed with mother and child, and finding the elusive answers. A terrifying court drama seeks to put Charles Delauney behind bars as a series of revelations begins to unravel the truth about Marielle, Charles, and Malcolm. Piece by piece the uncovering of their past creates a complex mosaic of the motives and passions controlling their lives. Vanished is an intriguing tale of guilt, desire, and suspense, and people one can't easily forget, as they are drawn inexorably together, seeking the child that...vanished.

Reviews (4)


Written by Elaine on May 4th, 2011

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I have read all of Danielle Steel's books. I am a huge fan. This story was very interesting. I only wish I had rented the unabridged edition. I'm sure alot of good parts were left out. Other than that, the story is interesting with a very strange ending


Written by Kandace Dabe from Xenia, OH on August 22nd, 2008

  • Book Rating: 4/5

This was an enjoyable story to listen too. I was a little disappointment because it was only 2 hours long.


Written by Estella Runyon on March 12th, 2008

  • Book Rating: 4/5

This book is a treasure. The suspense builds throughout the plot and one cannot escape becoming drawn into the drama as it unfolds. The characters are quite vivid, mysterious and alive. One is unable to even suspect 'who done it' until the very end. We feel the pain and other emotions experienced by the mother who lost three children...for a time.. Although it has a very surprising ending we want to read further and discover what happens in Vermont. This would be an excellent story to build upon with a sequel. It could well have been a 'choose your own ending' book but we were well pleased with the way it actually ended. Everyone deserves happiness.


Written by Angela Jones from Marrero, LA on October 14th, 2006

  • Book Rating: 3/5

Twisting plot, mildly suspensful but almost predictable.

Author Details

Author Details

Steel, Danielle

America reads Danielle Steel. And so does the rest of the world. There are more than 570 million copies of her books in print, and every one of her books is a bestseller. In short, Danielle Steel is the most popular author writing today. She is read by women, men, young people, old people in 47 countries and 28 languages.

Ms. Steel's 73rd best-selling novel, ROGUE, debuted in hardcover in July 2008. Other recent bestsellers include HONOR THYSELF, AMAZING GRACE, BUNGALOW 2, SISTERS, H.R.H., COMING OUT, THE HOUSE, TOXIC BACHELORS, MIRACLE, IMPOSSIBLE, ECHOES, SECOND CHANCE, RANSOM, SAFE HARBOUR, JOHNNY ANGEL, DATING GAME, ANSWERED PRAYERS, and SUNSET IN ST. TROPEZ, all of which have leapt to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, the Wall Street Journal list and comparable bestseller lists around the world.

Since 1981, Ms. Steel has been a permanent fixture on the New York Times hardcover and paperback bestseller lists. In 1989, she was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having at least one of her books on the Times bestseller list for 381 consecutive weeks. But Guinness was premature. The fact is that one or more of Ms. Steel's novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 390 consecutive weeks.

Twenty-one of Ms. Steel's novels have been adapted for television, each earning high ratings and critical acclaim, including two Golden Globe nominations for JEWELS, a four-hour mini-series that starred Anthony Andrews.

In addition, Ms. Steel is the author of the "Max and Martha" series of books for young readers. They are ten illustrated storybooks written to comfort the young as they face problems, such as a new stepfather, new baby, new school, loss of a grandparent, and other crucial dilemmas in a child's life. She has also written the "Freddie" books, four of them, about real-life situations in children's lives, like a visit to the doctor and the first night away from home. Ms. Steel has also written nonfiction, HIS BRIGHT LIGHT, about the life and death of her son Nicholas Traina, released by Delacorte Press in September 1998 and immediately jumped to the New York Times Non-Fiction bestseller list and "Having a Baby." She has also written a book of poetry entitled LOVE: POEMS BY DANIELLE STEEL.

In 2002, Ms. Steel was decorated by the French government as an "Officier" of the distinguished Order of Arts and Letters, for her lifetime contribution to world culture. She was awarded the second highest rank of the Order.

Ms. Steel also has a passionate interest in emerging contemporary artists. She had an art gallery for several years, and guest curates now for an art gallery in San Francisco. In addition to her writing, Ms. Steel has varied philanthropic interests. She founded and runs two foundations, one named in honor of her late son, The Nick Traina Foundation, which funds organizations involved in mental illness and child abuse. The second was established to assist the homeless. She has won numerous awards for her personal work with mentally ill adolescents and children. Ms. Steel maintains a passionate interest in the welfare and well-being of children, particularly those in jeopardy. She has raised nine children of her own. And they continue to keep her busy, as she juggles writing and family. Her family is her first priority, despite her many interests.

From an education in New York and Europe to a professional background in public relations and advertising, and teaching, Ms. Steel moved on quickly to her literary career and has been hard at work writing ever since. She wrote her first book at nineteen. Often, she works on five books at a time — researching one storyline, writing another, and editing the third. Still, she often spends two to three years researching and developing a single project. In the heat of a first draft, it is not uncommon for her to spend eighteen to twenty hours a day glued to her 1946 Olympia manual typewriter.

Family, children, and young people are the central focus of her life, and her passion, which frequently shows in her writing. She deals with the themes that touch on the most pressing issues of real life, which makes her books universal, and touch so many people. She is fascinated by the pressing life situations that affect us all, how people handle them and are often transformed as a result. And her novels have explored subjects such as kidnapping, incest, mental illness, suicide, death, divorce, adoption, marriage, loss, cancer, war, among others. She also frequently writes about historical themes, shedding new light on familiar historical events with meticulously accurate research.

Despite her varied interests and activities, Ms. Steel leads an extremely private family-centered life. She lives in San Francisco and Paris.