Candle Seasons


A repertoire of sacred music celebrating the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and Candlemas -- the "candled seasons" through the plainchant of the monks and the lyrical four-part harmony of the Folk Choir. (67 minutes)

1. Advent
2. O Loving Mother
3. Take Comfort, My People
4. Psalm 85: I Will Listen to the Voice of the Lord
5. Psalm 122: I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say
6. A Little While
7. A Christmas Card
8. A Child Is Born
9. O Poor Little Jesus
10. From East to West
11. Noel
12. Unto Us a Child Is Born
13. Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts
14. The Garment of Love
15. All You Who Have Been Baptized
16. Psalm 29: Lord, Bless Your People
17. Epiphany Carol
18. From the Eastern Mountains
19. Bethlehem of Noblest Cities
20. The Candlemas Procession
21. Christ Our Light