Class Action: The Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law

Version: Unabridged
Author: Clara Bingham , Laura Leedy Gansler
Narrator: Gabrielle De Cuir
Genres: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: December 2005
# of Units: 12 CDs
Length: 13 hours
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The true story that inspired the major motion picture North Country

In the coldest reaches of northern Minnesota, a group of women endured a shocking degree of sexual harassment-until one of them stepped forward and sued the company that had turned a blind eye to their pleas for help. Jenson vs. Eveleth Mines, the first sexual harassment class action in America, permanently changed the legal landscape as well as the lives of the women who fought the battle.

In 1975, Lois Jenson, a single mother on welfare, heard that the local iron mine was now hiring women. The hours were grueling, but the pay was astonishing, and Jenson didn't think twice before accepting a job cleaning viscous soot from enormous grinding machines. What she hadn't considered was that she was now entering a male-dominated, hard-drinking society that firmly believed that women belonged at home-a sentiment quickly born out in the relentless, brutal harassment of every woman who worked at the mine. When a group of men whistled at her walking into the plant, she didn't think much of it; when they began yelling obscenities at her, she was resilient; when one of them began stalking her, she got mad; when the mining company was unwilling to come to her defense, she got even.

From Jenson's first day on the job, through three intensely humiliating trials, to the emotional day of the settlement, it would take Jenson twenty-five years and most of her physical and mental health to fight the battle with the mining company. But with the support of other women miners like union official Patricia Kosmach and her luck at finding perhaps the finest legal team for class action law, Jenson would eventually prevail.

Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler take readers on a fascinating, page-turning journey, the roller-coaster ride that became Jenson vs. Eveleth and show us that Class Action is not just one woman's story, it's every woman's legacy.

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Class Action

Written by wharvey48 from La Crosse, FL on April 26th, 2011

  • Book Rating: 5/5

What a terrible ordeal these women endured in order to get justice! The telling is excellent and the narrator is superb, knowing when to exclaim and when to be soft.

Class Action

Written by Reader on May 23rd, 2007

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I liked that this book not only went through the history of the issue and the trauma these women went through, but the history of the application of the sexual harrassment laws. I am a women engineer in manufacturing where there are not many women, and over the years things have definitely gotten better in the workplace. Having a sexual harrassment policy and mandatory training played a big part.

Author Details

Author Details

Bingham, Clara

Clara Bingham is a former White House correspondent for "Newsweek" and wrote "Women on the hill: Challenging the Culture of Congress. "She has written for "Talk, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, "and "The Washington Monthly. "She is a graduate of Harvard University.
Laura Leedy Gansler is a lawyer specializing in alternative dispute resolution and securities law. She is a former adjunct law professor at American University. After graduating from Harvard University, Gansler received a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1989.