Conjuguons En Chansons

Version: Abridged
Author: Sara Jordan , Frank Bignucolo
Narrator: Sara Jordan Publishing
Genres: Fiction, Teen
Publisher: Sara Jordan Publishing
Published In: August 1998
Length: 47 minutes
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Nine entertaining songs in French teach conjugations of high frequency verbs in the present, passé composé and future tenses including irregular verbs. The accompanying lyrics/activity book includes very good exercises. A complement of 9 musical accompaniment tracks makes it possible for students to become "performers" karaoke style, allowing further learning.

Author Details

Author Details

Jordan, Sara

Sara Jordan has been creating educational songs to help kids learn since 1990. Motivated by the needs of her own children and her students, her company now publishes a series of over thirty different audio kits including songs that teach reading readiness, ESL, grammar, phonics, math, history, Spanish and French.