Descartes, Bacon, and Modern Philosophy

Version: Unabridged
Author: John Lachs , Prof Jeffrey Tlumak
Narrator: Lynn Redgrave
Genres: Philosophy
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: August 2006
# of Units: 3 CDs
Length: 3 hours
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These two great seventeenth-century philosophers aimed to break free of oppressive traditions. Free scientific inquiry led them to skeptically question everything, though they also tried to reconcile science with religious faith. Both Descartes and Bacon extolled the individual, arguing that the human mind can penetrate the deepest secrets of existence. Their ideas formulated the problems that would occupy philosophers for the next three hundred years.

The World of Philosophy series is a dramatic presentation, in understandable language, of the concerns, questions, interests, and overall outlook of the world's great philosophers and philosophical traditions. Special emphasis on clear and relevant explanations gives you a new arsenal of insights toward living a better life.

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Written by Bob Stewart from Berryville, VA on February 6th, 2010

  • Book Rating: 2/5

Very strange audiobook. The title is a bit misleading...very little is about Bacon. It is almost entirely about Descartes. The body of the book is read by a woman, Lynn Redgrave, but all of the quotes are read by men with accents according to the quoted's nationality. Bertrand Russell is an English accent, for example. Strangely, Rene Descarte's reader starts him off with a vaguely French accent, but by the end of the reading it sounds more Italian. Distracts from the overall quality of the book which is probably decent, but hard to judge since it essentially becomes a bad play.

Good Survey

Written by Andrew McIntyre on April 20th, 2007

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I think this book could have benefited from more direct quotes from Descartes himself. They also could have spent more time on Bacon. I did appreciate the interaction with other writers of the age. Overall, it is a good little survey of the two thinkers and their effect on the modern world.

Author Details

Author Details

Lachs, John

Few professional philosophers enjoy a greater reputation, respect, and admiration than John Lachs. One of the leading interpreters of the American philosophical tradition, Lachs is Centennial Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. His previous books include "Intermediate Man" (1981), "The Relevance of Philosophy to Life" (1995), and "The Cost of Comfort" (1998).

Tlumak, Prof Jeffrey

Dr. Jeffrey Tlumak is an associate professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University and the editor of History of Philosophy Quarterly. He received his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts and teaches courses in modern philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, and the philosophy of religion.