Divine Bliss

Version: Unabridged
Author: Shri Anandi Ma
Narrator: Shri Anandi Ma
Genres: Fiction & Literature
Publisher: Sounds True
Published In: March 1997
Length: 1 hour, 5 minutes
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A spiritual tale from India tells of a doll made of salt who was in search of God. The doll fulfilled his quest by jumping into the ocean -- completely dissolving himself into the love of the divine. This demonstrates the attitude of supreme surrender -- where the devotee of God is immersed in an ocean of divine bliss. On Divine Bliss, a female master of devotional chant in the Indian tradition, Shri Anandi Ma ("Mother of Divine Bliss"), offers up nine ecstatic songs of praise. Considered a living saint in the land of her birth, Shri Anandi Ma sings in a voice soaked with reverence for the sacred nature of all life. With gentle accompaniment by harmonium, tamboura, and traditional percussion, Divine Bliss lifts the listener up on waves of song to taste the peace and healing that are the hallmarks of true spirituality.

Author Details

Author Details

Ma, Shri Anandi

Shri Anandi Ma began her education at age 14 with Shri Dyhanyogiji. After his death, she continued to facilitate humanitarian work and travel the world to conduct meditation programs and yoga retreats. Shri Anandi Ma wrote "Divine Bliss" and "Healing Mantras," both designed to improve total well being.