Edge of Eternity

Version: Unabridged (Abridged version available here)
Author: Ken Follett
Narrator: John Lee
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Historical Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks
Published In: September 2014
# of Units: 29 CDs
Length: 36 hours, 40 minutes
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Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy follows the fortunes of five intertwined families—American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh—as they make their way through the twentieth century. It has been called “potent, engrossing” (Publishers Weekly) and “truly epic” (Huffington Post). USA Today said, “You actually feel like you’re there.”

Edge of  Eternity, the finale, covers one of the most tumultuous eras of all: the 1960s through the 1980s, encompassing civil rights, assassinations, Vietnam, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, presidential impeachment, revolution—and rock and roll.
East German teacher Rebecca Hoffman discovers she’s been spied on by the Stasi for years and commits an impulsive act that will affect her family for generations… George Jakes, himself bi-racial, bypasses corporate law to join Robert F. Kennedy’s Justice Department and finds himself in the middle of not only the seminal events of the civil rights battle, but also a much more personal battle… Cameron Dewar, the grandson of a senator, jumps at the chance to do some espionage for a cause he believes in, only to discover that the world is much more dangerous than he’d imagined… Dimka Dvorkin, a young aide to Khrushchev, becomes an agent for good and for ill as the Soviet Union and the United States race to the brink of nuclear war, while his twin sister, Tania, carves out a role that will take her from Moscow to Cuba to Prague to Warsaw—and into history.
These characters and many others find their lives inextricably entangled as they add their personal stories and insight to the most defining events of the 20th century. From the opulent offices of the most powerful world leaders to the shabby apartments of those trying to begin a new empire, from the elite clubs of the wealthy and highborn to the passionate protests of a country’s most marginalized citizens, this is truly a drama for the ages.
With the Century Trilogy, Follett has guided readers through an entire era of history with a master’s touch. His unique ability to tell fascinating, brilliantly researched stories that captivate readers and keep them turning the pages is unparalleled. In this climactic and concluding saga, Follett brings us into a world we thought we knew, but now will never seem the same again.

Reviews (9)

Written by William B. on August 8th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 2/5

gives a very leftist view of history.

Not very good

Written by Anonymous on June 20th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 1/5

The first two books of the series were wonderful, this latest is not very good. I know this is supposed to be historical fiction, but usually that means the main characters are fictitious living during real historical events. While the author seemed to favor socialism in the first two books of the series, at least he got the good and bad guys right. The third book, he did everything he could to cover up the "not so great" history of America's Democratic party while going overboard portraying the Republicans as the bad guys. Look, there's enough successes and failures to go around, just don't bypass actual events because it make your side look bad or the other side look good.

Written by Rebdcca Moore on January 22nd, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

I love this book series.

Written by daniel joyce on January 4th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Ken Follet is one of the most spectacular authors of our generation. The narrator enhanced the book by applying his amazing diversity of voices to bring the book to life like no other narrator which i have EVER listened to! You will be sent back in time to the 20th century as if you are living in it!

Written by Kristin Carpenter on June 14th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Great series! I loved how everything came together. I have started looking for more books by this author! Highly recommend this book!

Written by Constance Hauf on January 19th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I liked the entire series, but the first in the series was clearly my favorite. The narrator was fantastic. The series kept me entertained during lonely long runs, early in the morning.

Written by Sanjay Singhal (credit 2.0) on September 21st, 2015

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This book and it's predecessors in the series kept me occupied for a couple of months worth of enjoyable commutes. Quite sad that it's over. The narrator was spectacular!


Written by Mike on August 12th, 2015

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This entire series is just fantastic. I love it. The level of historical info is great .

Written by Gary GREENY on October 28th, 2014

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Third of the series, well written loosely portraying a historic timeline left off from his previous book. I did take offense to his portrayal of several of the republican presidents and republicans in general. Undoubtedly his extremely liberal views could not be ignored in his writing of this book.Those with extreme liberal viewpoints will suck this up like honey for bees. I still think he is a great writer and his books are well worth reading, we just have to remain tolerant and overlook his liberal inclusions within his books

Author Details

Author Details

Follett, Ken

Ken Follett was born on 5 June 1949 in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector. He was educated at state schools and graduated from University College, London, with an Honours degree in philosophy. He was made a Fellow of the college in 1995.

He became a reporter, first with his home-town newspaper the South Wales Echo and later with the London Evening News. While working on the Evening News he wrote his first novel, which was published but did not become a bestseller. He then went to work for a small London publishing house, Everest Books, eventually becoming Deputy Managing Director. He continued to write novels in his spare time. Eye of the Needle was his eleventh book, and his first success.

He went on to write four more bestselling thrillers: Triple; The Key to Rebecca; The Man from St Petersburg; and Lie Down with Lions. Cliff Robertson and David Soul starred in the miniseries of The Key to Rebecca. In 1994 Timothy Dalton, Omar Sharif and Marg Helgenberger starred in the miniseries of Lie Down with Lions.

He also wrote On Wings of Eagles, the true story of how two employees of Ross Perot were rescued from Iran during the revolution of 1979. This book was made into a miniseries with Richard Crenna as Ross Perot and Burt Lancaster as Colonel 'Bull' Simons.

He then surprised readers by radically changing course with The Pillars of the Earth, a novel about building a cathedral in the Middle Ages. Published in September 1989 to rave reviews, it was on the New York Times bestseller list for eighteen weeks. It also reached the No. 1 position on lists in Canada, Great Britain and Italy, and was on the German bestseller list for six years. Chosen by Oprah Winfrey for her book club in late 2007, 'Pillars' became a best-seller again 18 years after it was first published.

For a while he abandoned the straightforward spy genre, but his stories still had powerful narrative drive, strong women characters, and elements of suspense and intrigue. He followed Pillars with Night over Water, A Dangerous Fortune, and A Place Called Freedom.

Then he returned to the thriller. The Third Twin is a scorching suspense novel about a young woman scientist who stumbles over a secret experiment in genetic engineering. Miniseries rights were sold to CBS for $1,400,000, a record price for four hours of television. The series, starring Kelly McGillis and Larry Hagman, was broadcast in the USA in November 1997. In Publishing Trends' annual survey of international fiction bestsellers for 1997, The Third Twin was ranked No. 2 in the world, beaten only by John Grisham's The Partner.

Ken Follett The Hammer of Eden, another nail-biting contemporary suspense story, came in 1998. Code to Zero (2000), about brainwashing and rocket science in the Fifties, went to No.1 on bestseller lists in the USA, German and Italy, and film rights were snapped up by Doug Wick, producer of Gladiator, in a seven-figure deal.

Ken returned to the WWII era with his next two novels: Jackdaws (2001), a World War II thriller about a group of women parachuted into France to destroy a vital telephone exchange – which won the won the Corine Prize for 2003 – and Hornet Flight (2002), about a daring young Danish couple who escape to Britain from occupied Denmark in a rebuilt Hornet Moth biplane with vital information about German radar.

His next novel, Whiteout (2004), is a contemporary thriller about the theft of a deadly virus from a research lab. Set in the remote Scottish Highlands over a stormy, snow-bound Christmas, Whiteout crackles with jealousies, distrust, sexual attraction, rivalries, hidden traitors and unexpected heroes.

His latest novel is World Without End, the long-awaited sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, published in October 2007.

Ken's papers are held in a collection at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan, United States. These include outlines, first drafts, notes and correspondence, original manuscripts and copies of early books now out of print. He has sold approximately ninety million books worldwide.

Ken Follett is married to Barbara Follett, the Member of Parliament for Stevenage in Hertfordshire. They live in a rambling rectory in Stevenage, 30 miles north of London, with two Labrador retrievers called Custard and Bess. They also have an eighteenth-century town house in London and a holiday home in Antigua. Ken Follett is a lover of Shakespeare, and is often to be seen at performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company in London. An enthusiastic amateur musician, he plays bass guitar in a band called Damn Right I Got the Blues.

He was Chair of the National Year of Reading 1998-99, a British government initiative to raise literacy levels. He is president of the The Dyslexia Institute, Chair of the advisory committee of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) UK, a council member of the National Literacy Trust, a member of The Welsh Academy, a board director of the National Academy of Writing, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is active in numerous Stevenage charities and is Chair of Governors of Roebuck Primary School.

Around 100 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide.