Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?

Version: Unabridged
Author: Pasi Sahlberg
Narrator: Paul Michael Garcia
Genres: Non-Fiction, Lectures
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: August 2012
# of Units: 6 CDs
Length: 8 hours
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Ever wondered how Finland managed to build its highly regarded school system? Look behind the headlines and find out.

Finnish Lessons is a firsthand, comprehensive account of how Finland built a world-class education system over the past three decades. The author traces the evolution of education policies in Finland and highlights how they differ from those in the United States and other industrialized countries. Rather than relying on competition, school choice, and external testing of students, education reforms in Finland focus on professionalizing teachers' work, developing instructional leadership in schools, and enhancing trust in teachers and schools. This book details the complexity of educational change and encourages educators and policy makers to develop effective solutions for their own districts and schools.

Pasi Sahlberg recounts the history of Finnish educational reform as only a well-traveled insider can, offering the insight and facts necessary for others to constructively participate in improving their schools-even in a tightening economy.

"The story of Finland's extraordinary educational reforms is one that should inform policymakers and educators around the world. No one tells this story more clearly and engagingly than Pasi Sahlberg. This book is a must-read."-Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University

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Written by Catherine Armstrong on June 14th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 4/5

The book has a slow start , reading more like a research paper, later it comes to life with real life examples and ' how to's' . To know a certain amount of educational language would be helpful before reading and there are good references to encourage further reading .

Author Details

Author Details

Sahlberg, Pasi

Pasi Sahlberg is director general of the Centre for International Mobility in Helsinki, Finland. His expertise lies in educational reform, training teachers, coaching schools, and advising policy makers. He has a PhD from the University of Jyvaskyla and is adjunct professor at the Universities of Helsinki and Oulu.