Friends Come Back: And That's a Good Thing

Version: Unabridged
Author: Donald Davis
Narrator: Donald Davis
Genres: Juvenile & Children's, Juvenile
Publisher: August House Publishers
Published In: October 2002
Length: 1 hour
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Donald Davis shares two long stories: the first about how he and his best friend developed a lifelong relationship through a shared love of hiking and the outdoors and the second about his winding path from a love of chemistry to a college major in English. These are stories that teens will enjoy but adults will truly appreciate. His stories are filled with wisdom and humor and the sort of life lessons that take time to sink in. Davis has excellent pacing. He takes time to share the details but also builds and maintains interest and even suspense. Listeners will be left with smiles on their faces.

Author Details

Author Details

Davis, Donald

Donald Davis tells original stories of his Appalachian upbringing to audiences of more than 150,000 annually as he tours from coast-to-coast headlming storytelling festivals and performing at conventions, in schools and libraries, and for business audiences. This spring he will keynote the Kansas Library Tri-Conference (March 30-31) and headline the Texas Library Association storytelling concert (April 5-7). He has performed in virtually every state and overseas from Scotland to Indonesia. His award-winning books and recordings are so numerous they've earned him a special section of the August