Version: Unabridged (Abridged version available here)
Author: Stephen Hunter
Narrator: William Dufris
Genres: Suspense, Historical Fiction
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published In: May 2007
# of Units: 10 CDs
Length: 13 hours
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Havana, the sultry spring of 1953: gambling is expensive, sex is cheap, and death is free.

A half-hour by air from Miami, it's the world's hottest -- and most dangerous -- city. From the plush mobster casinos in Centro to the backstreet brothels on Zanja Street, you can get anything you want, for a price. The city is the linchpin of many empires: the Mafia's, the CIA's, numerous American corporations', El Presidente's, and even the vice lords' of Old Havana. It must be protected at all costs.

But now there's a threat. A young lawyer, a kid named Castro, is giving speeches. He speaks of reform, of change, of self-determination. He speaks of...of revolution even.

This danger must be dealt with. So, into the steamy, sunny climate of corruption come two men, both unafraid, both skilled, both tough as ball bearings. They would be friends in a sane world, for they are so similar in their capabilities and experiences. But now they have to be enemies, because the Cold War is at its apogee: one is American, the other Russian.

The American is named Earl Swagger. A Medal of Honor winner on Iwo Jima, a toughened gunman from adventures in Hot Springs and the swamps of Mississippi, Earl has been conned by two young Old Boys of the CIA to become Our Gun in Havana.

The Russian, Speshnev, also a veteran of tough battles (from Spain in '36 to Berlin in '45, with a few stays in the gulag just for seasoning), has a similar assignment: he too is sent by strategic gamesters to pay attention to that same young orator. But his job is protection, not elimination.

Neither man's assignment will be easy. For, like an orchid hot house, Havana's climate grows spectacular specimens: the wise old mobster king Meyer Lansky, who runs the casinos for his nervous New York sponsors; the syndicate hitman Frankie Carbine, Frankie Horsekiller of the famed Times Square massacre; the secret police officer called Ojos Bellos -- Beautiful Eyes -- for his penchant to interrogate at scalpel point; the beautiful Filipina Jean-Marie Augustine, who knows so much; and even those crew-cut, cheery young CIA fellows on the embassy's Third Floor, behind whose baby-blues and tender faces lurk all manner of deviousness. And everybody wants something.

In Havana, Stephen Hunter has produced a truly epic adventure story, shot-through with violence, eroticism, and the pressures of big money and big politics, set in a legendary time and place. His hero, Earl Swagger, fights his enemies, his superiors, and his own temptations and, in the end, has to decide what is worth killing for -- and what is worth dying for. He knows only one thing for certain: that he's a pawn in somebody else's game. But a pawn with a Colt Super .38 in his shoulder holster and the skill and will to use it fast and well is a formidable man, indeed.

Reviews (2)

Havana: A Swagger Family Novel

Written by Richard Bruning on November 28th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 2/5

Wow. What a disappointment. After listening to PALE HORSE COMING this was a huge letdown. It doesn't sound like as well-written a Hunter book as HORSE but it's hard to tell given how bad the reading is. The reader is so inappropriate for the material it's painful. Jay O. Sanders did such a masterful job with HORSE, I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Hunter is a very uneven writer. Better than most on his best day (DIRTY WHITE BOY is a must, even if it's not here on audio) but capable of being terribly average also. Bad enough this particular book is abridged...but on the other hand, maybe not given how painful the reading is.


Written by Jeff Johnson on September 25th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

A decent read but not the most exciting of Hunters. Still glad I listened to it however.

Author Details

Author Details

Hunter, Stephen

"Stephen Hunter, bestselling author, film critic for The Washington Post, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize (2002) and the American Society of Newspaper Editors Award for Distinguished Writing in Criticism (1998), has written eleven novels, including PALE HORSE COMING, HOT SPRINGS, TIME TO HUNT, BLACK LIGHT, DIRTY WHITE BOYS, THE DAY BEFORE MIDNIGHT, and POINT OF IMPACT."