Hiroshima Nagasaki

Version: Unabridged
Author: Paul Ham
Narrator: Robert Meldrum
Genres: History, Military
Publisher: Bolinda Audio
Published In: August 2015
# of Units: 17 CDs
Length: 16 hours, 39 minutes
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The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more than 100,000 instantly, mostly women, children and the elderly. Many hundreds of thousands more succumbed to their horrific injuries later, or slowly perished of radiation-related sickness. Yet the bombs were "our least abhorrent choice," American leaders claimed at the time and still today most people believe they ended the Pacific War and saved millions of American and Japanese lives.

Ham challenges this view, arguing that the bombings, when Japan was on its knees, were the culmination of a strategic Allied air war on enemy civilians that began in Germany and had till then exacted its most horrific death tolls in Dresden and Tokyo.

He gives powerful witness to the bomb s destruction through the eyes of eighty survivors, from 12-year-olds forced to work in war factories to wives and children who faced it alone, reminding us that these two cities were full of ordinary people who suddenly, out of a clear blue summer's sky, felt the sun fall on their heads."

Author Details

Author Details

Ham, Paul

Paul Ham is the author of the highly acclaimed Kokoda and the Australia correspondent of the London Sunday Times. He was born and educated in Australia and lives in Sydney, having spent several years working in Britain as a journalist and publisher.