Hocus Pocus Jellypoo Blues

Version: Unabridged
Author: Laura Milligan
Narrator: Mary-Anne Fahey
Genres: Fiction, Teen
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing
Published In: April 2013
# of Units: 2 CDs
Length: 2 hours, 24 minutes
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Giant Gog and his string dog have mysteriously disappeared ... Who could be wreaking havoc on magical Reindeer Island? Will Wizard Oldpopper, Lucy and Joe find the clues at the ice caves that can save the Island and their giant friend from the ghastly creature It will take one almighty wizzle-pop to save the day.? But will it be enough? Another whacky and enchanting adventure in the much loved?Hocus Pocus?series.

Author Details

Author Details

Milligan, Laura

Laura Milligan grew up (not down) in London, with her loony father to guide her on the way to adulthood. He gave her instructions on how to make nuns disappear on exploding chairs, and how to wizzle-pop without detection... At school, Laura daydreamed about toothless dragons, hairy fairies and owning her own sweet shop. She found these daydreams much more enjoyable than Mrs Hatchet's maths class. She came to Australia in 1986 and had two children, Jay and Georga, who taught her the art of patience. Through their eyes she has been able to revisit her own childhood and write her first book.