John J. Nance Compact Disc Collection: Medusa's Child / Saving Cascadia / Orbit

Version: Abridged
Author: John J. Nance
Narrator: John J. Nance
Genres: Thriller
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published In: June 2007
# of Units: 15 CDs
Length: 14 hours, 20 minutes
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Medusa's Child:
When a mysterious crate is discovered on Captain Scott McKay's plane, he is ordered to abandon his present course and fly the crate and its owner to Washington, D.C. McKay takes the forced detour in stride - until a voice from deep inside the crate warns that the shipment is actually a fully armed Medusa device, a thermonuclear bomb that can destroy every computer chip over an entire continent.
Saving Cascadia:
A few hundred years ago, Cascadia Island didn't even exist. It was rock submerged beneath the Pacific. A massive earthquake changed that, exploding the rock upward, making it land a " unstable land, according to seismologist Dr. Doug Lam. When a series of earthquakes begins to shake the Northwest Corridor, Doug's worst fears are confirmed. Convinced that the island will be in ruins within hours, Doug calls upon his girlfriend, Jennifer Lindstrom, president of Nightingale Aviation, for help with the evacuation.
For Kip Dawson, winning a passenger seat on American Space Adventure's first commercial spaceflight is a dream come true. But a successful launch quickly morphs into chaos when a micrometeor punches through the wall of the spacecraft, leaving the radios as dead as the pilot. With nothing to do but wait for his fate, Kip writes his epitaph on the ship's laptop computer, unaware that an audience of millions has discovered it and is tracking his every word on the Internet.

Author Details

Author Details

Nance, John J.

"John J. Nance is the author of Pandora's Clock, The Last Hostage, and Medusa's Child among others. He is an aviation consultant for ABC television network and airline correspondent for Good Morning America. Nance is also a licensed aerospace attorney and a full-time working airline captain for a major U.S. carrier. He lives in Tacoma, Washington."