Martians, Go Home

Version: Unabridged
Author: Fredric Brown
Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki
Genres: Science Fiction, Comedy
Publisher: Skyboat Media
Published In: March 2014
# of Units: 4 CDs
Length: 5 hours, 5 minutes
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"Martians, Go Home," originally published in 1955, is a comic science fiction novel that tells the story of Luke Devereaux, a science fiction writer who witnesses an alien invasion of little green men. These Martians haven t come to Earth to harm anyone just to annoy people. Unable to touch the physical world, or be touched by it, they take great pleasure in walking through walls, spying on the private lives of humans and revealing their every secret. No one knows how to get rid of these obnoxious little aliens, except perhaps Luke. Unfortunately, Mr. Devereaux is going a little bananas, so it may be difficult for him to try but not impossible."

Author Details

Author Details

Brown, Fredric

Fredric Brown (1906 1972) was the only writer to achieve equal prominence in the mystery and science fiction genres. His first foray into mystery, "The Fabulous Clipjoint", won the Mystery Writers of America s Edgar Award for Best First Novel. Brown was also the acknowledged master of the short short story; the famous collection "Nightmares and Geezenstacks" demonstrates his consummate mastery of a form limited to no more than five hundred words. His short story Arena was the basis of a famed "Star Trek" episode; Martians, Go Home! was adapted for a 1992 film; The Last Martian was adapted for Serling s "Twilight Zone" and starred Steve McQueen at the start of his career. Brown s work, more than forty years after his death, is increasingly prominent.