Music for Babies Nighty Night

Version: Unabridged
Author: Don Campbell
Narrator: Don Campbell
Genres: Juvenile & Children's
Publisher: Childrens Book Store Distribution
Published In: September 2000
Length: 1 hour
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Based on up-to-date medical and psychological research in creativity and intelligence, the pieces on each recording have been carefully chosen by the author so that tempos, key signatures and textures of the music change with each selection in order to provide a rich listening and learning experience for children of all ages.
-- aid memory development
-- enhance auditory and emotional awareness
-- stimulate rhythmic movement -- induce relaxation and sleep

Author Details

Author Details

Campbell, Don

Chris Brewer is an author, musician, and trainer with 20 years' experience in teaching. She is Senior Faculty for Cambridge College's National Institute for Teaching Excellence and teaches in a variety of other educational programs. Chris developed an arts integration training program for The Center for Creative Education in Palm Beach County with 350 teachers and 50 artists. Chris is currently co-director of the Institute for Accelerated Learning, Teaching and Research. Don Campbell is the author of nine books, including the best-selling "The Mozart Effect," He was appointed to the Guggenheim