Qb: My Life Behind the Spiral

Version: Unabridged
Author: Jeff Benedict , Steve Young
Narrator: Steve Young
Genres: Sports & Recreation, Biography & Memoir
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published In: October 2016
# of Units: 11 CDs
Length: 14 hours
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When Isabelle took a chance and eloped with Leon Feininger, her true love, she hadn t stopped to consider what would happen next. Winter on his family s isolated vineyard proves tougher than she expected, and Isabelle finds herself daydreaming, envisioning the wines she and Leon will make when they have their own land.

An unexpected inheritance opens a door for the newlyweds Leon s uncle has left them a vineyard, and in champagne country no less! But all is not as it seems. The decrepit estate has very little staff to help, and Isabelle cannot focus her husband s efforts on the farm. She soon decides to seize the opportunity to run the vineyard herself. Like her friends Clara and Josephine, she can learn anything she needs to face a new challenge. And with their help, she will even take on the fierce local competition, with generations of wine-making history tying them to the land she s just learning to toil.

Can Isabelle s passion and perseverance bring Feininger champagne to the world? Will life with Leon become the happily ever after she s always dreamed of?

Author Details

Author Details

Benedict, Jeff

Jeff Benedict conducted the first national study on sexual assault and athletes. He has published three books on athletes and crime, including a blistering expose on the NFL, "Pros and Cons: The Criminals Who Play in the NFL", and "Public Heroes, Private Felons: Athletes and Crimes Against Women". He is a lawyer and an investigative journalist who has written five books.

Young, Steve

Steve Young is regarded as one of the greatest college and pro football players of all time. After a stellar career at Brigham Young University, the left-handed quarterback played professionally for more than fifteen years in the NFL, primarily with the San Francisco 49ers. He received numerous accolades during his playing days, including being named Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXIX, Sports Illustrated and Sporting News Player of the Year from 1992-1994, and the NFL's Most Valuable Player for 1992 and 1994. In 2005, Young was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.