Sane Advice: The Queen of Comedy

Version: Unabridged
Author: La Wanda Page
Narrator: La Wanda Page
Genres: Comedy
Publisher: Uproar Entertainment
Published In: April 2001
Length: 1 hour
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The meek lamb has not turned into a roaring lioness ... EXCEPT ... on those occasions when she feels the necessity of straightenin' out the world with some "sane advice."

If there is any subject on which there exists a shadow of doubt or uncertainty ... your quest for wisdom and truth has ended. You have but to listen to this album ... this is "ADVICE" -- unreputeably "SANE."

Since I Laid My Burden Down / Test Tube Babies / Husbands / Show Biz, Honey / Sane Advice / Beverly Watts / Pastors Angels / Mothers Day / Bible Cake

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Sane Advice

Written by Anonymous on November 25th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Listening to this is confirms the older comedy is good to listen to.