Silas Marner

Version: Unabridged
Author: George Eliot
Narrator: Andrew Sachs
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Literature, Classics
Publisher: Audio Partners
Published In: October 2003
# of Units: 6 CDs
Length: 6 hours, 44 minutes
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The story of Silas Marner's redemption and restoration, which is interwoven with the live of Eppie, Dolly Winthrop, Dunstan and Godfrey, is part beautifully realized portraiture of rural England and part fairy tale. "Silas Marner" has long been the most beloved and widely read book by George Eliot, the pen name for the 19th century English woman writer Marian Evans.
"Silas Marner" is an amazing presentation of Eliot's power to combine symbolic and realistic narrative. In the story of an isolated, misanthropic old weaver - whose life is forever changed by the appearance of a little girl (Eppie) in his cottage - Eliot created a compact, tightly structured, pleasingly patterned novel. The tale is one that endorses the common goodness of rural people, yet remains agnostic as to the ultimate cause of good and evil.

Reviews (3)

Silas Marner

Written by wharvey48 from Lacrosse, FL on May 7th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 5/5

What a great classic story! I knew nothing about this book before listening to it but was delighted that I heard it.

slow, slow, slow

Written by Anonymous from Yuma, AZ on October 12th, 2006

  • Book Rating: 2/5

I felt I had to read this book because it was famous "literature." Wish I hadn't. BORING! Well written, of course, but I could probably summarize the story in the 1000 characters Simply Audiobooks allows me to use for this review. Read the Cliff's Notes!

This is a great audiobook!

Written by Karen K. Blanco on April 26th, 2006

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This rendition of Silas Marner is fabulous! Why do the educators have us read books like this one when we are only in high school and have not really lived yet!? This book should be listened to by middle aged people with some struggles, heartaches, and mistakes under their belts. The story is simple but so deep and touching. The narrator has a wonderful British accent and he is talented with the various voices, including female voices and different dialects. I recommend this selection heartily. (I even sat in my car one night, in the dark, because it was a particularly poignant scene -- I had tears in my eyes. The narrator read it with such feeling and pathos. I didn't want to turn off my car yet!) Enjoy!

Author Details

Author Details

Eliot, George

George Eliot, the pen name of Mary Ann, or Marion, Evans (1819-1880), was the author of several novels including Silas Marner. Middlemarch is considered not only her finest work, but one of the greatest English novels of the 19th century.