The Areas of My Expertise

Version: Unabridged
Author: John Hodgman
Narrator: John Hodgman
Genres: Satire & Parody
Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks
Published In: October 2011
# of Units: 6 CDs
Length: 7 hours
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Hot on the heels of the #1 bestsellers The Onion's Our Dumb Century and Jon Stewart's America comes The Areas of My Expertise, the brilliant and uproarious #15 bestseller (i.e., a runaway phenomenon in its own right-no, seriously) - a lavish compendium of handy reference tables, fascinating trivia, and sage wisdom - all of it completely unresearched, completely undocumented and (presumably) completely untrue, fabricated by the illuminating, prodigious imagination of John Hodgman, certifiable genius.

Reviews (6)


Written by Rebecca G on October 24th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Literally the best!

Written by Nicholas Boekell on January 19th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This is art. I can think of few better ways to spend my time than listening to this audiobook.

Is not in writing funny books

Written by ML from Carrollton, TX on July 23rd, 2009

  • Book Rating: 1/5

I love dry humor. I love John Hodgman on the Daily Show. I hated this book. It's the type of book that would've worked as a short story, but the humor is the same thing over and over and it simply isn't meant for a book. It's like when they take a funny SNL skit and try to make a movie out of the funny 2 1/2 minutes from the skit. 95% of the time it doesn't work, and it didn't here.

Not good as audio

Written by Christine B. from Monroeville, PA on April 16th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 1/5

I had seen this book in a store and thought it looked interesting; that doesn't translate in the audiobook. The description of tables that appear in the book was painful. And frankly, the author just isn't funny. When you start out admitting that everything you say is a lie, what is there to be entertained with? Over and over it was the same plodding attempt to be silly, witty, funny, and it was a failure. Did not make it to the second disc.

I liked this book.

Written by Anonymous from Chicago, IL on February 8th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I found this book very entertaining. While it may not be for everyone, I would assume that anyone who has enjoyed the author's work on the Daily Show should enjoy this as well. To be fair the last disc contains nothing but Hobo names, but is most likely the most complete list ever put to audio book.

The area of my expertise

Written by Anonymous on October 26th, 2008

  • Book Rating: 0/5

This book is a waste of time. Slow, puzzling and self indulgent by the author.