Frequently Asked Questions

Rental FAQs

How do I change the Priorities on my Rental Shelf?

Click on the number of the title you want to move. A box will pop up prompting you to enter a new priority number. Simply enter the number you want to move that title to and click Apply.

Rental Shelf Help Section

How many titles should I have on my Rental Shelf at one time? Is there a limit?

We recommend that you have at least 20 unique titles in your Bookshelf at all times, so that we'll always have a selection ready to ship to you when needed. There's no maximum.

A rental title is two parts. Will the second part be sent to me before the first part?

Our system will automatically check to see if you have been sent the first part before it sends the second part. If you do receive part two before part one, please contact us.

Why has my first priority been skipped?

We encourage members to prioritize their Rental Shelf, and will always send you the first available selection from your prioritized list. However, your first priority is not always available to send at the time of your first shipment or your latest return, therefore we may have to send a lower priority title first.

What do I do if I lose the inventory sleeve or forget to include a disk with my return?

Please contact us to get the inventory number associated with the selection. This will help our shipping team match the CDs up with your account.

Can I get my books in order?

By default, your Rental Shelf will send selections based on your priority, then on availability. If your top selection isn't available, the Rental Shelf will move down your list to the next available selection.
However, if you would like to receive your titles in a particular order (i.e. books in a series), you can use the Lock feature on your Rental Shelf. To use this feature, click the 'lock' icon beside the 2nd title in the series - this will bring up the Set Dependency box. In here, use the drop down list and select the 1st title in the series. Click 'Lock'. The 2nd title will now be sent only after the 1st title has been finished. Repeat for any remaining books in the series.

Do I return my rental CDs in the same package they came in?

Yes, please return all rental CDs as they arrived. Do not combine multiple parts or multiple titles in the same package.

What if I have a problem with one of my shipments?

To report a problem with a shipment you received, or if you suspect that your shipment may be lost, simply log in to your account and visit your Rental Shelf. Click on the orange 'report' button beside the title in question and follow the prompts

I had reported a rental title lost but later received it.

No problem, enjoy the rented selection at your leisure and return it as usual. We'll log it back into inventory and there won't be any effect on your account. Please just let us know that it was found, either by email or phone, so that we can stop the replacement from shipping if possible.

How long does it take to get a book?

Rental shipments take an average of 2-6 business days each way. Audio book shipments are pre-sorted by UPS and then sent to local USPS outlets for regular home delivery.

Is it true that shipping rented audio books is free both ways?

Yes, the shipping is absolutely free both ways right to your door when you're a member of our unlimited rental program.

What is meant by book parts or book selections?

For rental titles longer than 15 compact discs, Simply Audiobooks separates them into multiple shippable selections (or parts), each one no more than 15 CDs. For instance, a 22 CD title will count as 2 selections of 11 discs each. The majority of all audio books published are 15 CDs or less.

How do I change my membership plan?

You can edit your membership plan from the My Account page while you're logged in. We have a variety of service plans for unlimited CD audio book rentals club members. If you are on the prepaid yearly subscription plan and want to upgrade or downgrade your membership effective immediately please contact us.

How to add books to my rental shelf or shopping cart?

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