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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Dubus III, Andre 3 titles
Ducey, Gay 1 title
Duchovny, David 3 titles
Duckworth, Angela 1 title
Duffy, Carol Ann 2 titles
Dufu, Tiffany 1 title
Dugard, Jaycee 3 titles
Dugard, Martin 12 titles
Duggar, Michelle 1 title
Dugoni, Robert 13 titles
Duigan, Virginia 1 title
Dukakis, Olympia 1 title
Dulong, Jessica 1 title
Dumas, Amy 1 title
Dunbar, Stephanie A. 1 title
Duncan, Dayton 4 titles
Duncan, Todd 1 title
Dungy, Lauren 4 titles
Dungy, Tony 8 titles
Dunham, Lena 1 title
Dunne, Dominick 2 titles
Duplass, Mark 1 title
Duplass, Jay 1 title