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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Loehr, Jim 4 titles
Logelin, Matthew 1 title
Lohman, Sarah 1 title
Lona, Ph.D., Jenny 1 title
London, Alex 1 title
Long, Julie Anne 1 title
Longo, Aurora 2 titles
Lonsdale, GCSE 1 title
Looking Coyote, Michael 1 title
Looper, Terry 1 title
Lopez, Jennifer 1 title
Lorber, Robert 1 title
Lorret, Vivienne 1 title
Losier, Michael J. 3 titles
Lotz, Anne Graham 7 titles
Lovato, Demi 1 title
Love, Roger 2 titles
Love, Mike 1 title
Love, Falicia 1 title
Lowe, Rob 2 titles
Lowe, Tamara 1 title
Lowe, Brian 1 title
Lowe, Cherie 1 title