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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Rodriguez, Jai 1 title
Rodsky, Eve 1 title
Rodway, Norman 1 title
Rogers, John 4 titles
Rogers, Jim 3 titles
Rogin, Ellen 1 title
Rogues, The Skeptical 1 title
Rohn, Jim 2 titles
Rohr, Richard 8 titles
Roig-DeBellis, Kaitlin 1 title
Roizen, M.D., Michael F. 11 titles
Roker, Al 5 titles
Roll, Rich 1 title
Rollins, Peter 2 titles
Roloff, Audrey 1 title
Romano, Ray 1 title
Romesha, Clinton 1 title
Rommelmann, Nancy 1 title
Romney, Mitt 1 title
Romney, Ann 1 title
Romney, J. P. 1 title
Ronson, Jon 2 titles
Roosevelt, Eleanor 3 titles
Root, Wayne Allyn 2 titles
Roppe, Laura 1 title