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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
L'Amour, Louis 109 titles
L'Engle, Madeleine 17 titles
L'amour, Beau 1 title
L. Trump, Mary 1 title
LIX, Caryn 1 title
La Chapelle, David 1 title
LaRoche, Loretta 1 title
Labrada, Lee 1 title
Labrant, Cole 1 title
Lacey, Robert 4 titles
Laffer, Arthur B. 2 titles
Lahiri, Jhumpa 6 titles
Lahren, Tomi 1 title
Lake, Ricki 1 title
Lakhani, Dave 5 titles
Lakhiani, Vishen 1 title
Lakoff, George 3 titles
Lal, Ruby 1 title
Lamadrid, Enrique R. 1 title
Lamb, Joni 1 title
Lamb, Wally 6 titles
Laminack, Lester L. 2 titles
Lamond, Toni 1 title
Lamont, Rob 1 title
Lamott, Anne 7 titles
Land, Rev. Dr. Richard 2 titles
Land, Stephanie 1 title
Land, Jon 3 titles
Lang, Avis 1 title