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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Spiker, Ted 3 titles
Spitz, Aaron 1 title
Spoelstra, Melissa 1 title
Spragg, Mark 2 titles
Spring, Janis A. 3 titles
Springfield, Rick 1 title
Springsteen, Bruce 1 title
Sprinkle, Preston 2 titles
Spurlock, Morgan 1 title
Srivinasananda, Swami 1 title
St. James, Rebecca 1 title
Stack, Ed 1 title
Stafford, Rachel Macy 3 titles
Stahl, Rabbi Samuel M. 2 titles
Stahl, Lesley 1 title
Stanberry, Lindsey 1 title
Stanely, Scott M. 1 title
Stangle, Dave 1 title
Stanley, Andy 9 titles
Stanley, Charles F. 9 titles
Stanley, Paul 1 title
Stanley, Thomas J. 4 titles
Stanton, Andy 10 titles
Stanton, Mike 1 title
Stark, Peter 4 titles
Starkes, Taleeb 1 title
Staton, Bill 2 titles
Stav, Julie 1 title
Steadman, Catherine 1 title