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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn 4 titles
Barnes, Sophie 2 titles
Barnes, Cinelle 1 title
Barnes, Fred 1 title
Barnes, Simon 1 title
Baron-Reid, Colette 3 titles
Barone, Michael 2 titles
Barratt, Julian 1 title
Barret, Keith 1 title
Barrett, Robert G. 19 titles
Barrett, Robert 5 titles
Barrett, Shirley 1 title
Barris, Chuck 1 title
Barron, Robert 2 titles
Barrowman, John 1 title
Barry, Dave 28 titles
Barry, Kevin 1 title
Barrymore, Drew 1 title
Barsamian, David 2 titles
Barthelme, Donald 1 title
Bartholomew, Rafe 1 title
Barton, Ruth Haley 1 title
Base, Graeme 2 titles