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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Bates, Bill 2 titles
Batey, Kathey 1 title
Bathroom Reader's Hysterical Society, The 1 title
Batson, Wayne Thomas 3 titles
Batt, Tanya Robyn 1 title
Batterson, Mark 14 titles
Battles, Matthew 1 title
Bauer, Jon 1 title
Bauer, Shane 2 titles
Baumbich, Charlene 1 title
Bausum, Ann 2 titles
Baxter, Meredith 1 title
Bayer, Mike 1 title
Bays, Jan Chozen 1 title
Beah, Ishmael 2 titles
Bean, Orson 1 title
Bearss, Kris 1 title
Beattie, Ann 2 titles
Beattie, Melody 3 titles
Bechtle, Mike 1 title
Beck, Martha 6 titles
Beck, Glenn 33 titles