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Authors by Last Name Number of Titles
Hybels, Lynne 1 title
Hyde, Grant 2 titles
Hyde, Katherine Bolger 2 titles
Hyde, Catherine Ryan 8 titles
Hyde, Elisabeth 1 title
Hyde, Daniel R. 1 title
Hyder, Shama 1 title
Hyken, Shep 1 title
Hyland, M.J. 1 title
Hylen, Susan E. 1 title
Hylton, Donna 1 title
Hyman, Mark 3 titles
Hyman, Mark 10 titles
Hyman, Peter 1 title
Hyman Rubio, Gwyn 2 titles
Hymers, John 1 title
Hynde, Chrissie 1 title
Hynes, James 3 titles
Hynes, Mary 1 title
Hynes, Samuel 1 title
Hyslop, Stephen G. 1 title
Hyzy, Julie 4 titles
Hénin, Nicolas 1 title