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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Ellis, Lee 1 title
Ellison, Harlan 3 titles
Ellroy, James 7 titles
Elshtain, Jean Bethke 2 titles
Elster, Charles Harrington 3 titles
Elster, Kathi 1 title
Elwes, Cary 1 title
Emens, Elizabeth F. 1 title
Emerson, Clint 1 title
Emezi, Akwaeke 1 title
Enfield, Harry 1 title
Engel, Elliot 2 titles
Engel, Patricia 1 title
England, Maurice 1 title
Engle, Debra Landwehr 1 title
Enright, Michael 1 title
Enright, Anne 4 titles
Ensemble, Dastan 1 title
Ensler, Eve 2 titles
Entertainment, Topics 30 titles
Ephron, Nora 2 titles
Epperly, Rev. Dr. Bruce G. 1 title
Epperson, Stu 1 title
Epstein, David 1 title
Epstein, Alex 1 title
Epting, Chris 2 titles
Erdrich, Louise 7 titles
Erickson, John R. 55 titles
Erwin, Jon 1 title