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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Y. al-Hibri, Dr. Azizah 2 titles
Yaeger, Don 8 titles
Yancey, Philip 12 titles
Yannatou, Savina 1 title
Yates, Jean 1 title
Yates, Susan Alexander 1 title
Ybarra, Dr. Lea 1 title
Yeager, Jeff 2 titles
Yolen, Jane 10 titles
York, Michael 1 title
York, Byron 1 title
Yoshikawa, Eiji 1 title
Young, Steve 2 titles
Young, Andrew 4 titles
Young, Ronald J. 1 title
Young, Neil 2 titles
Young, Shinzen Shinzen 1 title
Young, Rusty 1 title
Young, Kevin 1 title
Young, Rj 1 title
Young, Wm Paul 4 titles
Young, Toby 2 titles
Younger, Marshal 9 titles
Yount, David 5 titles
Yourgrau, Barry 2 titles
Yu, Howard 1 title