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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Darnielle, John 2 titles
Dartez, Cecilia Casrill 1 title
Das, Lama Surya 3 titles
Daschle, Tom 1 title
Dass, Ram 2 titles
Daud, Somaiya 1 title
Daughtry, Leah 1 title
Davenport, Thomas H. 1 title
Davenport, Anthony 1 title
Davey, Peter 1 title
David, Susan 1 title
David, Joanna 1 title
Davidoff, Dov 1 title
Davids, Patricia 1 title
Davidson, Frederick 1 title
Davidson, Jeff 1 title
Davidson, Jim 1 title
Davies, Russell T. 1 title
Davies, Valentine 1 title
Davis, Donald 12 titles
Davis, Ken 3 titles