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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Dellis, Nelson 1 title
Dembo, Phillip B. 1 title
Denby, Joolz 3 titles
Denning, Troy 11 titles
Dent, Harry S. Jr. 3 titles
Dent, Jr., Harry S. 3 titles
Denver, Rorke 1 title
Depaola, Tomie 7 titles
Dershowitz, Alan 2 titles
Dettori, Frankie 1 title
Devi, Nischala Joy 1 title
Dewan, Jenna 1 title
Dewdney, Christopher 1 title
Dexter Dyer, Betsey 2 titles
DiGeronimo, Theresa Foy 1 title
DiMarco, Hayley 3 titles
DiMeo, David F. 1 title
Dial, Connie 2 titles
Diallo, Yaya 1 title
Diamandis, Peter H. 4 titles
Diamond, David 1 title
Diaz, Junot 2 titles
Dickens, Ned 1 title
Dickens, Charles 63 titles
Dickerson, John 2 titles