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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Lawrence, Mark 2 titles
Lawson, Jenny 2 titles
Lawson, Dorie McCullough 1 title
Laymon, Kiese 2 titles
Layne, Steven 2 titles
Le Breton, Binka 1 title
Le Carre, John 31 titles
Le Carré, John 2 titles
Le Guin, Ursula K. 16 titles
LeClaire, Jennifer 1 title
LeGault, Michael R. 1 title
Lea, Sonya 1 title
Leamer, Laurence 5 titles
Lear, Norman 1 title
Leary, Denis 2 titles
Leavy, Jane 4 titles
Lechter, Sharon L. 12 titles
Leder, Steve 1 title
Lee, Christopher 16 titles
Lee, Jennie 2 titles
Lee, Kat 1 title
Lee, Mike 1 title
Lee, Cyndi 2 titles
Lee, Bandy X. 1 title
Lee, Darrien 2 titles
Lee, Robinne 1 title
Lee, Jing-Jing 1 title
Lee, Ilchi 6 titles