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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Lee, Roberta 1 title
Lee Gifford, Kathie 1 title
Leeds, Regina 2 titles
Lehmiller, Justin L. 1 title
Lehrer, Jim 1 title
Leifer, Carol 1 title
Leman, Kevin 20 titles
Lencioni, Patrick M. 4 titles
Lende, Heather 1 title
Lennon, Cynthia 1 title
Lentz, Carl 1 title
Leon, Kenny 1 title
Leonard, Dennis 5 titles
Leonard, Thomas J. 1 title
Leonard, Mike 1 title
Lepp, Bil 1 title
Lerner, Harriet 8 titles
Lerner, Ben 1 title
Lesh, Phil 1 title
Lesser, Elizabeth 1 title