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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Lorber, Robert 1 title
Lorret, Vivienne 1 title
Losier, Michael J. 2 titles
Lotz, Anne Graham 7 titles
Lovato, Demi 1 title
Love, Mike 1 title
Love, Loni 1 title
Love, Roger 1 title
Love, Falicia 1 title
Lowe, Rob 2 titles
Lowe, Tamara 1 title
Lowe, Brian 1 title
Lowe, Cherie 1 title
Lowndes, Leil 9 titles
Lowrance, Michele F. 1 title
Loya, Olga 1 title
LuPone, Patti 1 title
Lubin, Nancy 1 title
Lucado, Max 43 titles
Lucas, Matt 6 titles
Lucas, Bill 1 title
Lucas Correa, Armando 1 title
Ludwig, Petr 1 title
Lugavere, Max 2 titles
Lugo, Danilo 1 title
Lukianoff, Greg 1 title
Lundin, Ph.D, Stephen C. 6 titles
Lunn, Martin 1 title
Luntz, Dr. Frank I. 1 title
Lupica, Mike 17 titles