Compatible Audio Book Players

What are my download options?

We offer individual audio books for sale, as well as Download Club, a monthly subscription service. See Download Club pricing plans for downloading audio books.

Why isn't my MP3 Player compatible?

Every Simply Audiobooks download is a Digital Rights Managed (DRM) Windows Media file with a bit rate of 32 kbps. DRM refers to the technology used to control access to software, music, movies, or other digital data. Essentially what it does is protect the files from illegal distribution and copyright infringement.

However, due to the complexity of current DRM systems, not all protected file formats will play on all digital audio players. Some digital audio players will prevent you from transferring any of the files on to the device, while others will allow the files to be transferred, but not played.

The first time you access your audio file, you will be asked to login. Enter your email address and the password you chose when you signed up.

Supported Players

Simply Audiobooks supports a wide range of digital audio players. Just look for the PlaysForSure logo. Click here for full list of PlaysForSure Devices. Please check that your player can handle a bit rate of 32 kbps.

What about my iPod?

At this time our downloads are not directly compatible with Apple products, such as the iPod. If you would like us to send Steve Jobs an email on your behalf, please enter your information below. A copy will also be sent to you.

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